Our first Exhibition:
A Remarkable Experience and a
Great Success



Our first experience as Exhibitors at the Carrara Trade Fair SEATEC/COMPOTEC has widened our knowledge at both a technical and human level. The interest sparked off by our system in the visitors to our stand (engineers, repair shop owners, boat and sea engine refitters, LPG systems technicians for the automotive sector and members of the Technical Team of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure) made us understand that the navigation sector is becoming more and more environmentally friendly and keen on new technologies that are able to guarantee excellent, cost-effective performance. Easy assembly and simple maintenance are two key features that make our system the unique solution for an eco-friendly and money-saving fuelling alternative.



Power Sea Saver conquered the Spanish market

The interest of Spain and Portugal for our PSS conversion kit was huge, more than what expected! Susocar and our colleagues in Barcelona have aurosed visitors' and installers' curiosity and true interest in beginning a new path leading to polluting less and saving more, a gift for all of us and for future generations. A small step but a great leap for a greener tomorrow.

They said about us...

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